ABB Robotic Welding and cutting


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ABB’s entire line of robotic automation solutions for welding and cutting applications will be on display in September during the internationally-renowned Essen Welding & Cutting trade show. Spot welding, arc welding, laser welding and laser cutting solutions will be the focus, but also expect demos and displays regarding proactive service, ease of programming, ease of commissioning and new trends.

The IRB 2600ID robot will impress (see movie below) with high performance and a small footprint. The 2600ID is especially well suited to arc welding due to its protected Integrated Dressing (ID), meaning the hose assembly and electrical connections are contained within the upper arm and wrist—reducing both wear and cycle times and creating a smaller footprint.

Using ABB software built specifically for welding and cutting, the 2600ID is easy to program and operate—something that can also be said for all of ABB’s robots. In fact, our industry leading, PC-based, programming and simulation software, RobotStudio, will illuminate the path to fast commissioning—meaning less downtime and more productivity. We will also be showing off new software technologies that shed light on a vision of the future in which robots can be monitored and controlled from any device, anywhere.

This year the event will also include a «technology preview» from the next generation of integrated spot welding solutions. Building upon ABB’s experience in this realm it will include user-friendly design and increased payloads. It will also include the next iteration of Integrated Dressing (ID), called Lean ID. The premise of Lean ID is to achieve a balance between cost and durability.

The updated IRB 2400 robot will be on hand to highlight its improved features, including an increased payload. With its leading path accuracy, the 2400 is best suited for laser welding and cutting applications and when combined with ABB’s new laser cutting software—RobotWare Cutting and RobotStudio Cutting PowerPac—users will find it easy to get up and running quickly with plug-and-play operation for common welding and cutting applications.

Additional displays will highlight ABB’s proactive service technologies and groundbreaking software. Our service demonstration will include Remote Service and our 24/7 hotline featuring immediate troubleshooting, automated backups, and life cycle support.

The ABB booth at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2013 is truly loaded with useful, thought-provoking and groundbreaking technology. You will not want to miss it!





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