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Next generation servo drives from Mitsubishi Electric boost performance, save energy and simplify system set up

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The MELSERVO MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers, complete with associated positioning units, easy to use motion modules and high end integrated motion control systems enable machine builders and end users to improve productivity and reduce energy costs. Numerous innovative and user-friendly functions have been incorporated to boost performance while minimising the time-consuming effort of engineering and setting up servo systems.

When it comes to energy saving, the MR-J4 series is leading the market and has been specifically designed with this in mind.

The series features single, dual and triple axis amplifiers for improved economy, greater energy efficiency and reduced panel space requirements. The servos can all operate with rotary, linear and direct drive motors, considerably simplifying the system building process. In addition to saving space in the panel, engineering and commissioning time is drastically reduced thanks to the “one touch” auto tune function, which matches the machine mechanics to the servo system in a single operation. This function operates in real time and is dynamic, so if the machine conditions change over time, the MR-J4 system tuning automatically adjusts.

Covering the range from 0.1kW to 55kW, MR-J4 servo amplifiers are available in two versions. The MR-J4A provides analogue and pulse train connections and is designed for conventional control systems and for speed, torque and closed-loop position control. The MR-J4B comes with connectivity to Mitsubishi Electric’s SSCNETIII/H high performance servo network, meeting the needs of integrated automation systems where complex multi-axis motion control is required. SSCNETIII/H control information is delivered over a full duplex 150Mbps fibre optic bus, which simplifies connection and commissioning and permits synchronous coordination of up to 96 axes. Both versions of the amplifier come with built in local I/O for interfacing with signals such as over travel limits and print mark registration.

The MR-J4 amplifiers also include a “life diagnosis function” which monitors the condition of the amplifier at a component level and notifies the user of any degradation in its operation. This unique feature also has the ability to recognise changes in machine dynamics such as increased vibration and increased motor torque. This aids preventative maintenance and minimises machine downtime.

The carefully matched servo motors are fitted with 22-bit absolute encoders as standard, corresponding to more than four million pulses per revolution, which out performs the accuracy of other servo motors on the market by four times. The result is excellent true-running characteristics and maximum positioning accuracy. Combined with the processing speed of the MR-J4 servo amplifiers and their 2.5kHz frequency response plus inbuilt vibration suppression filter, the result is vastly improved machine performance, with minimised positioning times, reduced cycle times and greater throughput.

Features such as STO (Safe Torque Off) and SS1 (Safe Stop 1) are built in as standard, ensuring servo system safety meets EN 61800-5-2. In addition, SS2, SOS, SLS, SBC and SSM safety options are available.

MR-J4 servo amplifiers are programmed using the MR Configurator2 software tool, part of the integrated iQWorks suite, which enables fast commissioning and provides comprehensive diagnostics. Functions include calibration, monitoring, diagnostics, read/write of parameters and test operation. The programming solution ensures stable machine system design, with optimum control and shorter set-up times.

Mitsubishi Electric says that the MR-J4 series represents a significant advance in servo system technology and provides benefits to machine builders and end users alike.


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