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SMC rolls out improvements to MY1B-Z and MY1Y-Z cylinders

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SMC, is guiding its mechanically jointed rodless cylinders to further success thanks to a series of product refinements. The upgraded MY1B-Z Series basic type is ideal for long stroke applications where space is restricted and the MY1H-Z linear guide type is suitable for high repeatability long stroke applications where space is also restricted.

Both models feature a number of improvements including the adjustability of the cushion needle, the dust seal band retention and easier piping, all of which offer SMC customers enhanced product performance and functionality. The cushion needle is now easy to access as it’s placed in the top of the cylinders and can be adjusted with a hexagon wrench. The overall performance and reliability of the MY1B-Z and MY1H-Z have also been improved as the number of external particles entering the systems are minimised thanks to a new magnetic dust seal band, reducing maintenance costs. SMC’s R&D team has also designed other innovations leading to the MY1B-Z being up to 17% lighter and up to 8% for the MY1H-Z, delivering competitive advantages.

Improvements to the standard and centralised piping options enable the piping to be connected in four directions: front, bottom, side and back. And if a speed controller is required for the MY1H-Z, considerable space savings can be achieved by connecting it in the back. Also highly flexible when it comes to auto switch mounting, the round type D-M9* auto switches can be mounted on two surfaces from the front and in any position on the mounting grooves of both product ranges. This flexibility also relates to the stroke adjustment units, with many standard options of adjusters and spacers available.


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