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Delta’s High Efficiency Automation Technology for “Smart, Energy-Saving, and Factory Visualization” at SHANGHAITEX 2013

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Under the banner of “Smart, Energy-Saving and Factory Visualization”, Delta Industrial Automation attended the 16th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (SHANGHAITEX 2013) on June 10-13 in Shanghai, China, and presented its factory visualization and management system, green energy management system and automation solutions for the textile industry in China.

With years of experience in the textile industry, Delta has become a top brand for textile solutions as it assists local companies upgrade to energy-saving production. Adhering to Delta’s spirit of “Smarter. Greener. Together.”, Delta Industrial Automation focused on the special needs of the textile industry and presented its latest solutions and technologies for a textile workshop management system, factory energy management system, blend-look auto-leveling system for carding procedure, roving machine control system, printing automation control and spinning machine systems.

Among all of the displays, Delta’s textile workshop management system solution greatly improves the digital management of textile factories, realizing both factory visualization and intelligent management. To allow customers to fully understand Delta’s “Smart, Energy-Saving, and Factory Visualization”, Delta also presented its Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The MES can record production results, trace product quality, note machine breakdowns and export record data, so managers are able to easily monitor their factory and production situation and effectively manage every production procedure. For the factory owner the MES helps to reduce onsite management and lower HR costs while improving production quality with traceable production records.


In addition to management solutions, Delta also displayed the CT2000 Series intelligent drive for textile machinery, the DVP-10SPM Series programmable logic controller (PLC) for electronic weft insertion control, the AH500 Series mid-range PLC, and more.

The CT2000 Series is specially designed to fulfill the demands of the textile industry:

‧Fanless design with high efficiency heat-sink

‧Flange mounting method prevents fiber and dust from clustering or entering the drive

‧Supports Deceleration Energy Backup (dEB)

‧Stable deceleration through power regeneration during breaks

‧Adopts IEC 60721-3-3 CLASS 3C2 protective coating for PCBs to raise durability


The DVP-10SPM Series PLC was specially designed for electronic weft insertion control. It is highly reliable with high speed and high precision features. Electronic weft insertion control is required for high-speed air-jet looms, and Delta’s DVP-10SPM Series is able to conduct 4-colored jet weaving and multiple (12) relay nozzle vale control, as well as pattern weaving, automated weft-straightening and weft detection, on-loom inspection, loom speed switch, operation shift management, efficiency analysis and failure statistics.

The AH500 Series mid-range PLC has a modular design for convenient system upgrade and extension. It also adopts highly integrated software and an interface with abundant built-in function blocks (FB), so users can easily extend the system according to their needs for a low extension and maintenance cost. Delta’s AH500 Series PLC is a key solution to greater competitiveness.

The International Exhibition on Textile Industry in Shanghai is a bi-annual exhibition and one of the most professional and important exhibitions for the textile industry. It focuses on providing more advanced, intelligent and energy-saving textile solutions to users. This year’s SHANGHAITEX 2013 attracted more than one thousand exhibitors and 55,000 visitors, and Delta successfully shared its various industrial automation products and energy-saving solutions with many experts, customers and partners from the textile industry, greatly raising its popularity and brand awareness in China.

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