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Fast, Precise and Efficient: wenglor’s New Handheld Scanners

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Whether printed, needle-engraved, laser etched or embossed: wenglor’s new Handheld Scanners capture demanding 1D and 2D codes in nearly any industrial environment. Thanks to greater process reliability, higher throughput and a longer service life, the ID experts are above all in demand in the automotive, electrical and pharmaceuticals industries.

Quick alignment and capturing of 1D and 2D codes with a practical alignment tool is only one of the outstanding capabilities of the new range of Handheld Scanners. The FIS-HS21 and the FIS-HS41X are additionally distinguished by a large scanning distance, which makes operation extremely easy and convenient. The scanning distance for all of the scanners from the new range lies between 38 and 394 mm.

Where ease of operation is concerned, the high-precision readers are also equipped with a convincing feedback tool which stimulates three senses at once. After a code has been deciphered, the scanner provides the user with immediate feedback in the form of vibration, an acoustic signal and visual indication.

wenglor’s new Handheld Scanners are highly suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals industry as well. Thanks to IP54 protection, they’re immune to splash-water and cleaning agents, which means that they can also be used in hygienically clean environments.

With a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, the red light scanners comply with the industrial standard for code deciphering devices. The rugged plastic housing also allows for work in extreme temperature ranges, for example in cold storage facilities, canteen kitchens and foundries. wenglor guarantees trouble-free functioning within a range of -20 to +50° C.

With the new launch of the FIS series, the Handheld Scanners from the previous generation will all be replaced with more up-to-date models except for the FIS-6170-0100. The new product range includes two different Handheld Scanners in a total of four different variants. The FIS-HS41X is differentiated from the FIS-HS21 by its capability to reliably decipher DPM codes (direct part marking) and damaged codes. This capability comes to play above all in the automotive and electrical industries. Both Scanners are equipped with either a USB port (product number ending 0100) or an RS-232 port (product number ending 0103), and are thus well prepared for numerous applications, for example at normal PCs as well as controllers.


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