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Kollmorgen added additional safety features to its S700 range of servo drives

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Built for high performance applications, the Motion-Safety-Concept range will offer even higher levels of safety with the optional features, “Safely Limited Position» (SLP) and «Safely Limited Increment» (SLI). The drive-integrated safety technology is available as a plug-in module which is closely connected via the backplane bus with the device hardware of the Kollmorgen servo controller. Thus, there is no loss of time or reaction delay due to communication limiting factors. The seamless integration with the S700 controller also halves the whole topic of «safe return». SIL 3 can be achieved, for example, with a single resolver. The requirement for two channels could be solved by Kollmorgen internally in the drives.

The integrated safety technology of the S700 servo drive is so fast that shorter distances can be selected for the sources of risks. This advantage is two-fold: Firstly, protective devices can be placed closer to the machine process – which ultimately leads to more compact structures. Secondly, higher machine speeds are possible – without having to provide the safety technology at a higher spatial distance.

With «Safely Limited Position», the absolute end positions of axes can be monitored safely within defined work and hazard areas, for example in material handling. The «Safely Limited Increment» allows drives with a secure jog mode that will allow travel only within a defined relative move distance. For both functions, if the defined limits are exceeded, the drive is immediately safety switched off. With this functional expansion the S700 series servo drives offer a universal Safety-Concept consistent with SIL2 Pld and SIL3 Ple. Kollmorgen offer these new functions as part of a comprehensive support service that will provide customers with machinery and equipment solutions that can realize higher levels of efficiency and individual safety.


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