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Beckhoff at Pack Expo 2013 – The Power of One for the Packaging Industry

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Beckhoff will present the latest automation innovations for the packaging industry in Central Hall, Booth 2927 at Pack Expo 2013, which will take place from September 23-25 in Las Vegas. Beckhoff will continue to show the value of “The Power of One,” its technological philosophy that integrates high performance PLC, Motion Control and Robotics on its PC- and EtherCAT-based control platform. Using The Power of One, users can standardize on a single PC- and EtherCAT-based platform and utilize one powerful software platform to manage all automated tasks – TwinCAT. In addition, Beckhoff will demo its revolutionary eXtended Transport System (XTS) at Pack Expo 2013. For packaging machine builders, this advanced, EtherCAT-based linear transport system can help drive engineering cost savings, process optimizations and a significantly smaller machine footprint.

The Beckhoff team is looking forward to your visit!


Driving circles around linear motion with XTS

The demand for increased flexibility in the packaging industry can be met and exceeded with the innovative eXtended Transport System (XTS). This extraordinary mechatronic system enables the creation of completely new machine concepts which are significantly more customizable, compact and cost-effective than conventional solutions. Thanks to the almost infinitely variable line configuration and the use of freely movable carrier modules (movers), mechanical grippers are no longer required and product changeovers can be implemented quickly via a simple mouse click.


TwinCAT 3.1: New features for eXtended Automation

Beckhoff will present the release of the new TwinCAT version 3.1 at Pack Expo: a major new feature is the support for 64-bit operating systems which can now also be used for the runtime. Further enhancements: PLC runtime for Windows CE, improved integration of source-code control databases, automatic code generation with the automation interface and integration into the new Visual Studio® 2012.


TwinCAT integrates robotics, Motion Control and PLC on one platform

By extending the TwinCAT automation suite with robot kinematics enables the cost-effective integration of robots along with their interaction and synchronization with PLC and Motion Control functions. This results in the seamless integration into the overall control system while eliminating additional robot CPUs. ‘TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation’ software supports the following kinematics types: cartesian portal, shear kinematics, roller kinematics (H Bot), SCARA, 2-D kinematics, 2-D parallel kinematics and 3-D delta kinematics.


EL7051 stepper motor terminal with field oriented control

Beckhoff is extending its range of compact Drive Technology even further in the higher performance segment with the development of the EL7051 EtherCAT stepper motor terminal. This terminal features field oriented control which helps eliminate stepper motor stalling and reduces motor heat. Stepper motors up to 8 A at a rated voltage of 80 V DC can be directly connected to the EL7051 EtherCAT Terminal. Therefore, it is also possible to drive stepper motors with a higher power rating directly from the I/O system. In combination with the AS1060 stepper motor from Beckhoff, the EL7051 represents an inexpensive small drive solution


Stainless steel control solutions with food-grade design

Beckhoff offers a complete stainless steel control solution in FDA-approved design for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The stainless steel Panels and Panel PCs with gap-free housing design and flush-fitting touchscreen are available in the display sizes 12, 15 or 19 inches. The stainless steel servomotors of the AM8800 series are designed for standstill torques from 1 to 16.7 Nm and can withstand washdown procedures with aggressive cleaning agents. In addition, the stainless steel I/O modules with EtherCAT interfaces cover a broad range of applications for all common signal types and is also rated at IP69K


Multi-touch panels: Zoom, scroll and flick your way to better HMI

The highly functional CP2xxx and CP3xxx Control Panel and Panel PC series feature a modern operating concept with innovative multi-touch technology as well as a contemporary, elegant device design. The aluminum and stainless steel panels are extremely robust and are designed for use under harsh industrial conditions in cabinets or as mounting arm devices. The new Control Panel generation with multi-touch functionality is available in display sizes ranging from 7 to 24 inches (16:9, 5:4, 4:3).



Beckhoff booth 2927



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