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Bosch Rexroth at K trade show 2013: New Sytronix SVP 7010

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Progress in energy efficiency and productivity are the prevailing topics at the K trade show 2013. Especially for powerful plastics and die casting machines Rexroth presents the new Sytronix SVP 7010, a further developed, variable-speed pump drive, which increases dynamics and control accuracy with intelligent software functions while clearly reducing the energy requirement of hydraulics.
The new SVP 7010 expands the Sytronix family of ready-to-install variable-speed pump drives and, with a comprehensive selection of hydraulics-specific functionalities, is particularly suitable for use in exacting injection molding machines. To this end, Rexroth developers have integrated numerous functions, which used to be realized with valve technology in the past, into the software of the servo-drive, thus allowing higher control accuracy and dynamics. The control, which has been improved through interference variable monitoring, suppresses “overshoots” when pressure builds up, and integrated vibration damping features position hydraulic cylinders absolutely jerk-free. The automatic pulse compensation prevents pressure pulsation on gear pumps. These pre-programmed controls reduce the engineering effort of machine manufacturers, since simple parameterizing is sufficient for commissioning.
At the same time, the SVP 7010 utilizes further energy saving potentials through modular drive systems with energy regeneration capability. This improves the use of energy through interconnection of several drives. Moreover, capacitive or kinetic buffers store braking energy and make it available again when needed. Thanks to these new capabilities and a reduction of speed in partial load operation in line with demand, the Sytronix SVP 7010 reduces energy consumption by up to 80 percent in an even wider application window compared with fixed-speed drives. At the same time, it lowers the average noise emission by up to 20(A). Any secondary measures for noise reduction, which have been necessary so far, are therefore no longer required.
Moreover, the software in which Rexroth’s comprehensive application experience was integrated, features additional functions such as the Productivity Agent for condition-related maintenance concepts. It acquires mechanical changes due to wear in the system, thus increasing availability.
The SVP 7010 covers a wide performance spectrum up to 70 kW and is therefore ideal for use in powerful plastics and die casting machines. The new variant of a directly coupled motor/pump assembly is almost 20 percent shorter. It reduces the inertia of the drive train by up to 50 percent and consequently boosts dynamics significantly.
The SVP 7010 assumes axis control tasks in open and closed hydraulic circuits. Depending on the pump type used, it runs in 2- or 4-quadrant operation and, with three performance classes, offers the right functionality for all machine concepts. The Sytronix family comprises more than 100 pre-configured drive/pump combinations in a wide performance spectrum. Rexroth matched the individual components and software optimally with each other and also assumes system responsibility for these assemblies.
Bosch Rexroth at K 2013 – hall 10, booth C22


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