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Festo Showcases at Pack Expo 2013 an Innovative EtherNet/IP Enabled Integrated Motor

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Festo will be  demonstrating at Pack Expo 2013, September 23-25 in Las Vegas,  an EtherNet/IP enabled integrated motion solution. The integrated  drive electronics and fieldbus interface of the Festo MTR-ECI-EP (EtherNet/IP variant) allows for decentralized motion solutions in  machine building. (Festo Booth #6002)

The MTR-ECI was specifically designed for applications  involving automatic format adjustments, providing for greater  flexibility and lower changeover times – capabilities that can reduce  operating costs. Applications include: print-head adjustments, guide  adjustments on conveyors, hard stop adjustments in volumetric filling machines, pressure sensitive labeling, and more.

The MTR-ECI consists of a brushless EC motor, a positioning  controller, power electronics, and multi-turn absolute encoder. In  addition, several gearbox ratios and a variety of integrated fieldbus  interfaces are offered – all in a compact single device with simplified  cabling. The MTR-ECI-EP (EtherNet/IP variant) comes standard with a  stainless steel shaft, IP65 protection level, food-grade grease, and a  rated torque range from 1.62 Nm to 5.60 Nm. The high IP 65 rating  and stainless steel shaft allows use of the MTR-ECI motor even in harsh environmental conditions.

Festo also offers customized variants tailored to application  needs, including options such as an integrated holding brake and  larger gear ratios resulting in torques up to 35.45 Nm.

Applications in the packaging industry requiring format  adjustments

Many packaging machines are fully automatic and servodriven in their operation, yet they require manual intervention when changes in production are required, such as when a different size  carton will be processed. These manual changes are made by  turning hand wheels to adjust the size of rollers, hard stops, or  carton erectors. Set up times are correspondingly long for these  manual procedures, particularly for more complex machines with  many axes requiring adjustment. By replacing the hand wheels with  small servo drives, batch changes can be automated.

Product and format changes on machines can be carried out  automatically with a high level of adjustment accuracy and  reproducibility. A compact housing allows simple integration in new  and existing machines. It’s quiet operation, long service life, nominal  torque of up to 35.45 Nm (with G169 gear option ) and a rotational  speed of up to 592 RPM (with G7 gear option) meet the requirements  of most applications.

When does it make sense to automate format adjustments?

Small batch sizes and frequent product changes affect the level  of utilization of packaging and other processing machines. Numerous  adjustments are frequently required before production can begin.  Changeover times can be long if these are carried out manually,  particularly for more complex machines when several axes require  adjusting. Employing Festo MTR-ECI motors offers benefits such as  time savings, precision, and reproducibility of settings, which results in  fewer rejects, increased quality, and lower operating costs. It is by no  means a replacement for the classical servo drives on process axes  on machinery; rather the MTR-ECI is a reasonably priced alternative  for automating the adjustment of auxiliary axes.

Simple plant network integration with EtherNet/IP

Integration of these motors in the existing plant network is  accomplished via the built-in fieldbus interface. These motors in  combination with a PLC can be used to create complex yet cost-effective control systems. Ready to-use add-on instructions are available for  programming movements with Rockwell PLCs.

The built-in multi-turn absolute encoder retains the motor shaft  position when the machine is turned off. As a result no reference run is  necessary on machine start-up, saving significant time on machines  with long axes.


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