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Servotronix presents innovative motion control solutions at SPS IPC DRIVES

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Servotronix will showcase its advanced motion control technologies and its new series of CDHD servo drives and PRO servo motors. Servotronix motion controller, servo drives and servo motors are matched optimally to provide a complete and seamless motion solution.

“Our range of standard motion products and advanced control capabilities, combined with our motion expertise, allow us to implement customized solutions that increase our customers’ productivity while reducing their costs.” says Dr. Ilan Cohen, President and CEO of Servotronix. In addition, Servotronix employes local application support teams throughout Europe, North America and Asia. This allows international customers to enjoy an effortless integration and commissioning process as well as ongoing support whenever and wherever needed.

Exhibition highlights:

Motion Systems
Servotronix combines motion control, HMIs, servo drives and motors, to provide systems with optimal performance, simple commissioning, and extensive versatility in a cost-effective package.

Advanced Robotic Motion Capabilities
Synchronized motion between two delta robots demonstrate Servotronix capabilities for complex robotic and kinematic control.

Performance as a Competitive Advantage
High current loop bandwidth, zero settling time and position error, non-linear anti vibration algorithm, and intelligent autotuning for maximum machine accuracy and throughput.

Customization as a Key to Machine Optimization
With over 25 years of experience, Servotronix customer-tailored solutions are based on field-proven building blocks, allowing it to provide higher performance, reduced risk, space and cost savings, and enable faster time to market.

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