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eWON launches Flexy at SPS/IPC/Drives 2013 the very first flexible, modular industrial router

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To satisfy the need for multiple connections in industry and to cope with the major changes in communication technology, eWON has once again revolutionised access to remote industrial sites and machines. Today, the Belgian company is launching Flexy: the first flexible modular industrial router with expansion boards.

In 2001, Belgian company eWON broke new ground by launching the very first industrial internet router. But even though the internet brought solutions to many problems with regard to the high cost of communications, reliability of communications, and bandwidth, it also introduced greater complexity of implementation and new security challenges.

«In 2006, we launched Talk2M, the very first completely cloud-based connectivity service. Thanks to this solution, which satisfies the requirements for security and ease of installation, we blew away the last remaining obstacles to the large-scale adoption of the internet for remote access in industry.»

The multiple award-winning product Talk2M solved the security, configuration, and implementation problems all in one fell swoop. This solution provides a secure communication route via the Internet between the user and the remote machine, without altering the computer network at either end. The technician making the remote connection can only access ’his own’ machine, and is therefore unable to enter the customer’s local network.

Industry today must cope with the constant and rapid development of communication technologies. Barely two years ago, the latest thing was 2G (GPRS), but now everybody talks about 3G or even 4G (LTE). WiFi wireless technology is now also very widespread in industry.

eWON Flexy satisfies this need to upgrade communication technologies without the need to switch products. Flexy offers its end-users an almost unlimited number of possibilities: from a simple serial, MPI, or Profibus gateway to Ethernet, to the WiFi LAN router with redundancy via 3G modem.

The new eWON Flexy router provides flexibility on several levels. Firstly, the WAN flexibility offers the user a choice of expansion boards to connect to the internet: LAN, RTC, WiFi, CDMA, 2G, 3G. Moreover, the FIELD flexibility, which affects the choice of basic module and expansion boards to connect to devices: four-port Ethernet switch, RS232/422/485 serial ports, MPI/ Profibus port. Finally, eWON Flexy offers applications that make it easy to provide added-value services, such as data logging and alarm notification


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