Eaton at the SPS IPC Drives: Build Better Automation Solutions

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At this year’s SPS IPC Drives fair from November 26 to 28 in Nuremberg, Eaton, the leading power management company, will be presenting extended solutions specially designed for machine building and process automation, smart power distribution systems for infrastructures. Stand 371 in Hall 9 will be where visitors can find out more about the latest innovations in automation and energy technology that will enable them to successfully implement projects faster, more economically and with optimum energy utilization.

Using a machine model, Eaton will be demonstrating new ways of implementing solutions that are leaner, safer and more reliable, from the switch cabinet to the motor and sensors in the field, with the company’s own Lean Solution strategy. The continuous expansion of the component range for the SmartWire-DT connection and communication system means that there are even more possibilities for users to fully utilize the benefits of Lean Connectivity, Lean Automation and Lean Power. This includes in particular the increased plant availability provided by the level of data transparency that is now available.

As well as the latest additions such as the EMC electronic motor starters, the user-friendly PowerXL variable frequency drives and the SL signal towers, intelligent motor control centers (iMCC) are now also part of the SmartWire-DT range. Eaton is also offering a wide range of photoelectric, capacitive and inductive sensors for machine and plant building.
The other new innovations from Eaton also include an expansion of its IPC portfolio with powerful touch panel PLCs with screen diagonals up to 21.5 inches. The new XP-500 series serves the increasing demand in the market for high-precision and at the same time cost-effective solutions with multitouch PCT technology. The devices are not only suitable for use in industrial applications but also for the most demanding applications in the petrochemical industry, thanks to the relevant approvals available.

Its acquisition of Cooper means that Eaton is able to offer its customers an extended portfolio of solutions in the field of process automation, specifically for explosion-protected areas, which includes the brand names MTL, GeCma and FHF Funke+Huster Fernsig. One highlight that will be on show in Nuremberg is the new GeCma Pathfinder – an operator terminal for process visualization in sizes from 15 to 24 inches, which can be used as a remote, thin client and PC variant for industrial and Ex environments. Its modular design enables it to be configured quickly, thus allowing short delivery times. As well as copper cabling, the panel can also communicate via fiber optic cables thus enabling considerably longer transmission distances. FHF will be presenting the explosion-protected Voice over IP telephone ExResistTel IP2, which is suitable for use in zones 1 and 2, as well as in all indoor and outdoor installations. The ExResistTel devices (analog and VoIP) come with virtually all the functions of an office phone, combined with an indestructible steel keypad, an integrated hands-free set and an LCD display.

As networking becomes increasingly more important and system architectures in industrial automation become more complex, greater demands are placed on power distribution systems and infrastructures. That is why Eaton’s NZM circuit-breakers can not only switch and protect but now also supply important measuring and diagnostic information via SmartWire-DT. The BreakerVisu visualization and logging system now makes it possible to evaluate the diagnostic data of an NZM energy circuit-breaker automatically and provide the operator with information about the wear on the main contacts. In applications where both the NZM circuit-breakers, PKE motor-protective circuit-breakers and the XMC energy measuring and communication module are linked via SmartWire-DT, all individual current consumption values can be logged directly and evaluated – a basic requirement for the efficient optimization of energy consumption.


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