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Daimler AG has opted to use the code reading system Simatic MV440

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DaimlerAG has opted to use the code readingsystem Simatic MV440 based onproven Siemens technology for processdata acquisition in its bodyshellproduction section for the SL series.Simatic MV440 permits cohesive andprecise process data documentationacross the entire bodyshell manufacturingprocess as well as verificationof production details. It is able to detect,for instance, which engine hoodhas been used in the vehicle, orwhich torque was applied to create individualscrew connections.

During process data acquisition, thelarge number of individual bodyworkcomponents are correctly and unambiguouslyassigned to a certain vehicle.Daimler opted to use Siemensdata acquisition technology for thebodyshell production of its SL Seriesin the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen.The selected code reading systemSimatic MV440 reads and digitizesboth bar and matrix codes rightacross the whole production process.In total, 20 readers from Siemens arein use. The codes read by the SimaticMV440 readers are forwarded to theManufacturing Execution System(MES). Due to their extreme readingaccuracy, the Siemens code readersmay be relied upon to supply a correctidentification – eliminating anyneed for human intervention and theassociated scope for error.

On the MES level, as the hood andbodyshell are assembled, the enginehood and bodyshell-related processdata are merged, and from this pointremain inseparably linked. This allowsirrefutable proof to be providedacross the entire vehicle life of whichengine hood was installed and evenwhich torque level was applied tocreate the different screw connections.By optimizing the identificationtechnology, the manufacturer nowbenefits from the assurance of seamlessprocess data acquisition and documentation.


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