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Belden launches new ruggedized PROFINET modules from its Lumberg Automation™ LioN-R series

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The robust design and extreme functional reliability of the new ruggedized PROFINET modules from our LioN range (LioN-R) provide flexible and economical solutions. You can use them to reliably connect sensors and actuators in linear or ring topologies, even under the toughest conditions. Their fully encapsulated metal casings can even withstand welding sparks, shavings or aggressive coolants and lubricants. They are particularly suitable for use in mechanical and plant engineering, in addition to a host of other industry sectors.

Each channel provides galvanic separation between sensors/actuators and PROFINET, which, in combination with an easy-to-use diagnostic system, protects your data communication against interference. The failsafe function of the LioN-R modules ensures both reliable operation and safe switch-off. During configuration, you can also define how each individual output channel behaves in the event of a fault. The modules thus ensure maximum machine operating times and high added value.

You also save on investment costs, thanks to an integrated 2-port switch that enables line topologies to be implemented without the need for additional switches. Furthermore, you benefit from the standardized M12 connec-tion technology, which entails significantly less effort than parallel wiring – from planning, installation and maintenance, right through to warehousing. What’s more, M12 connection technology is a future-proof investment – you can extend your plant and equipment quickly and easily at any time.

Our ruggedized LioN modules for PROFINET are available in three different versions, each with 16 digital channels configured as inputs, outputs or a combination of both. The optimized slot arrangement makes them easy to use, even with T distributors. The rated output current is up to 1.6 A per channel with a maximum total current capacity of 9 A. All versions offer you industrial protection class IP67, an operating temperature range from -10°C to +60°C, and PNO and UL certification.


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