VIPA Present at SPS IPC Drives 2013

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VIPA’s brand new booth was the highlight at this year’s fair. The new futuristic booth architecture with logical separation of the presentation and catering areas ensured that the booth staff and the numerous visitors felt comfortable. Due to the new concept the booth appeared larger. One year after the merger of Yaskawa and VIPA the combination of VIPA controllers and Yaskawa drive engineering, presented on the new trade fair boards, clearly showed that both companies meaningfully complement each other and that the customers can profit highly from this merger. VIPA was also presented on joint trade fair boards on the Yaskawa booth. VIPA and Yaskawa sales staff was available to answer questions on both booths during the whole trade fair.

New SLIO CPU arouses the most interests
The advertised presentation of the new SLIO CPUs with a complete new configuration concept aroused great interests amongst the customers. Our product specialists were pleased to answer the numerous questions from visitors about the configuration concept with the VIPASetCard (VSC). Many visitors were also interested in other new modules like the SLIO DMS weighing module and the new Safety module. The focus of interest was the SLIO DMS board. Here it was possible to take part in a competition. Whoever could apply uniform pressure on two parallel pressure measuring sensors the most acccurately ,was automatically entered into the draw for a VIPA casual jacket or an eco Panel.

Also something new with the „VIPA classics“
There were also some other new things to marvel at, this year. Two new EtherCAT CPUs of the 300S series establish a connection of the SIMATIC world and the EtherCAT networking, which did not exists previously in this form. So With this, besides the classical networking variations , now the modern technologies PROFINET and EtherCAT entered the PLC world. The great interest of the visitors shows us, that we have now completely covered market requirements with these innovative new developments.
Likewise, our Touch Panels also count as one of our classics. Two new versions of the eco Panels with 10” and 15” display sizes and two brand new Panel PCs with display sizes of 15,6” and 21,5” completes the product range. The innovative combination of industrial PC and touch panel is completely new in the VIPA product range. Here we also successfully succeeded in concentrating high performance into the smallest space.

VIPA and Yaskawa – together into the future
From our numerous domestic and foreign visitors many questions were on the prospects for the common future of VIPA and Yaskawa. From this we were able to determine an almost exclusive positive response to the merger. The emphasis here was on the expanded product range and the financial security resulting from the union. We were able make a deal on many new projects at the fair due to this.

Traditional trade fair party
Also this year, the end of the second day at the trade fair was marked with the traditional trade fair party. The theme this year was a Brazilian evening at the VIPA booth. The performance of the samba dancers with their exotic costumes was an absolute feast for the eyes. A comprehensive menu with cold and warm foods, the famous VIPA cocktails at the beverage bar and a comprehensive offer of other beverages, beer and wine left little to be desired.

After the last day of the fair on Thursday ended successfully, the VIPA sales staff was able to draw a very positive assessment of the three days at the fair. The atmosphere and the discussions at the stand this year have probably not been as good as this for a long time.



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