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Siemens presents the new PM240-2 Power Module series of the Sinamics G120 frequency inverter

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Siemens is now introducing the next generation of Sinamics G120 PM240-2 Power Modules in frame sizes FSA, FSB und FSC. Having a smaller frame size, this new generation of Power Modules offers a high power density in each size. They can be mounted directly adjacent to each other without derating. Plug-in connections on the power and motor side simplify and shorten commissioning and maintenance.

The new Sinamics G120 PM240-2 Power Modules in frame sizes FSA, FSB and FSC replace the former PM240 Power Modules FS A-C. With this new generation of Power Modules, Siemens provides a high power density in each smaller frame size.

The optimized dimensions of the housings and their side-by-side design result in reduced costs as they require less space in the control cabinet. Furthermore the new hardware platform provides additional innovative cooling concepts with „pushthrough“ technology. This reduces the generation of heat in the control cabinet which thus enables more compact dimensioning. The Power Modules can be used with Sinamics G120 Control Units from firmware V4.6 and higher.


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