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IndraControl V HMI Easy to implement gesture control in automation

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With the swipe of a finger through the program: With a new generation of control units, Bosch Rexroth now brings the advantages of gesture control, which is familiar from smartphones and tablet PCs, to automation. The robust family of devices is designed for use in harsh production conditions and is available in different display sizes. A single software tool simplifies the implementation.

To scroll, just swipe the screen or use two fingers to zoom in on a part of the image: the gesture control has become prevalent in private applications through smartphones and tablet PCs within just a few years.
With a new generation of multi-touch control units from Rexroth, machine manufacturer can also use this operating philosophy in factory automation. In the process, Bosch Rexroth simplifies the configuration of user interfaces through a single software tool for all HMI devices. WinStudio enables efficient engineering through the reuse of software modules – across the entire spectrum of controller-based compact HMIs with Windows CE to large displays for industrial PCs.

Thus, the new compact miniature control units, with a 4 to 9 inch diagonal display and their own controller, are offered for both single- and multi-touch operation. The communication with a control unit occurs, according to standard, over a fast Ethernet TCP IP connection. For purposes of data backup, the devices have an SD card memory module and 2 USB ports for connecting peripheral devices.
New wide-screen displays for 15, 18 and 21 inch industrial PCs provide plenty of space for a high depth of information and a modern multi-touch visualization of PC-based automation applications. The aluminum front with inlaid, scratch-resistant glass meets protection category IP65. Together with the high shock and vibration resistance, the operating units are therefore suitable for use under rough production conditions.

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