Beckhoff KUKA Robotic

Beckhoff and KUKA are presenting a new common interface

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Using the mxAutomation library, commands can be sent directly from the PLC to a KUKA robot with a KR C4 controller. It is thus possible for the first time ever to program the controller and robot simply – i.e. without knowledge of a special robot programming language – on one system.
Communication takes place via EtherCAT, with the TwinCAT EtherCAT master and the KR C4 controller from KUKA exchanging data via the EL6692 or EL6695 EtherCAT bridge terminal. In doing so, drive commands are transmitted from the controller to the robot and actual values from the robot to the controller.
Commands can be transmitted very quickly from the PLC to the robot thanks to this efficient, high-performance communication. Not only that, the PLC programmer has access to the robot position data at all times in real-time. With extended functionality, the direct and close interaction also enables the implementation of applications where high-precision synchronisation is required.
mxAutomation for TwinCAT 3.1 revolutionises the co-operation between PLC and robot. PLC programmers can program movements directly in the PLC and monitor all actual values of the robot in real-time.


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