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LASAL supports the OPC UA communication protocol

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The engineering tool LASAL from SIGMATEK supports the OPC UA communication protocol. Manufacturer and platform-independent data exchange is thereby possible, which provides the user with the ability to make their machine fit for Industry 4.0.

The LASAL OPC UA server runs directly in the control. Here, OPC UA clients can log in and call the process data via the OPC server. Communication can be established with MES, SCADA and ERP systems, as well as from one PLC to another regardless of manufacturer.

In a LASAL component, the user can also specify which process data can be read or written.

With OPC UA, the development of complex systems is simplified considerably and large data volumes can be exchanged faster. Since the server runs in the control, additional Windows computers are no longer needed. The clients connect directly to the control via the network.




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