Jetter Industry solutions at SPS IPC Drives 2014

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At this year’s sps ipc drives, Jetter AG presents system solutions for selected industries. The automation specialist will present complete systems as well as highly-specialized subsystems. A large number of new products in the control, visualization and motion system areas rounds out the product portfolio.

Industry solutions from the areas of packaging, filling, window manufacturing, and handling illustrate the high degree of system integrity and diversity of Jetter products. While presenting automation concepts for complete window manufacturing facilities on the one hand, Jetter AG will also display innovative solutions for numerous subsections of facilities used in the packing, filling and handling sectors. Examples include torque-controlled capping, servo filling using the cam disk function as well as the cross cutter function that permits length adjustment during the machine cycle.

«We analyzed every detail of existing customer and machine solutions, and defined and implemented numerous ways of boosting efficiency,» says Steffen Schwips, Head of Innovations at Jetter AG. «As a result, we can present visitors with a bundle of technical solutions for the sectors outlined above, which consists of proven standard products as well as innovative new developments.»

New Jetter industrial PCs for industrial control and visualization tasks

The fanless JI-PC 601 industrial PC equipped with a dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor D2550 is a maintenance-free design that is equipped with robust and fast SSDs. Despite its very compact dimensions, custom interface designs can be realized via the integrated Mini-PCIe slot.
The compact industrial PC JI-PC 602 is optimized for use in industrial control cabinets and is highly scalable thanks to its on-board COM Express® modules. Equipped as standard with powerful fourth-generation Intel® processors, the JI-PC 602 also impresses with its fanless, maintenance-free and visually appealing design. Numerous expansion slots allow for quick and flexible installation of individual standard modules.
Both models are also equipped with a large number of standard interfaces.
The new Jetter industrial PCs will be available for at least 7 years and in an identical configuration.

New high-end JetControl 945MC controller – simple axis control

The JetControl 945MC is the logical evolution of previous high-end controller solutions from Jetter. The controller is most suitable for applications combining very high computing power and comprehensive motion control functions. Motion control (MC) instructions can be used to program axis groups and complex movements, such as spline or helix. The highlight of the JetControl 945MC is the integrated axis controller. This allows what were once different motion controllers in a facility to be combined to form a single solution. Axes are much easier to handle as a result. Up to 64 axes can be managed simultaneously with the JetControl 945MC. The availability of all axis, technology and path control functions remains unrestricted.

JetControl 310 – PLC in the motion system

The JetControl 310 is a new addition to the JetControl-300 family. It is an option board for the proven servo amplifiers of the JetMove-200 series. Just like all products from the JC-300 family, it offers full JetSym STX programming support, such as multitasking, OOP, and on-line debugging.
The JetControl 310 is used wherever intelligence is required directly in the motion system but where a separate controller entails too many overheads. Primary applications include subsystems for filling, capping and labeling in packaging machines.

JetMove 1000 and JetMove 3000 servo amplifiers – high-performance in a compact package

Whereas the JetMove 1000 is a single-axis system, the JetMove 3000 has multiple axis modules. This allows the creation of an individual, compact and high-performance, multi-axis coordinated motion system. The real-time EtherCAT® protocol allows the high-performance, synchronous control of all axes via master interface. The ability to subject the new generation of servo amplifiers to high overloads permits highly dynamic acceleration processes, even with small JetMove sizes. The JetMove 3000 series combines an optimized price/performance ratio with minimum space requirements.

Multi-touch HMIs and industrial PCs – combining performance and design

The latest HMIs of the JetView family are available in sizes from 5″ to 22″, feature a scratch-proof real glass multi-touch surface, numerous configuration options, and, in combination with the JetViewSoft operating software, provide for intuitive operation. The devices are equipped with the latest generation of multi-core CPUs, which can handle multiple processes and applications simultaneously.

Scalability and multi-touch support – the new version of JetViewSoft

The latest Version 5 of the object-oriented JetViewSoft HMI software supports scalable vector graphics. The particular advantage in this case is that graphics and displays can be scaled at different resolutions virtually loss-free. Up to now, it was often necessary to restructure and adapt graphics to the desired resolutions. This enhanced functionality saves time and money. JetViewSoft as of Version 5 is now also compatible with multi-touch displays such as the JetView 1015. Typical gestures such as zooming and swiping are implemented and others are due to follow.


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