Delta Human Machine Interface DOP-W Series

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A cost-effective and reliable HMI featuring a high-quality display and more realistic imagesDelta Electronics, the worldwide supplier of complete automation systems, has released the DOP-W Series HMI, which offers sizes of up to 15». This high quality TFT display produces more realistic and vivid images to capture and visualize system and manufacturing processes faster. Its high-brightness touch screen provides a high resolution of 1024 x 728 pixels (XGA) and a luminance of 450 cd/m2.

Rugged design

Its rugged and lightweight aluminum enclosure protects from vibration and changing ambient temperatures.  It also features an IP65 waterproof front panel for harsh environments, and its operating temperature range is 0-50ºC. This high-reliability display has a touch screen percussion life of at least 10,000,000 times and a backlight life of up to 80,000 hours.

Advanced features

The DOP-W Series integrates very useful remote monitoring functions, such is as eRemote, which enables users to view and monitor the same screen shown on the HMI at the production site and control the manufacturing process via Ethernet. Additionally, eServer, the data collection software, allows the transferring of information and history data directly from the production site to a remote PC via Ethernet.

The built-in 1.5W front panel stereo speakers transmit more effective alerts and warnings.

The DOP-W Series supports WinCE, and it also offers a Delta operating system which is free of charge and can manage all customer applications. The DOP-W also features abundant peripheral interfaces: it supports 2 COM ports, 2 Ethernet Ports, 3 USB Host 2.0, and SD cards.


Thanks to its high-speed processing 1 GHz CPU and its large-capacity Flash ROM 256MB, it is adapted for a wide range of industrial sectors, such as factory automation, process, transport, and energy.


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