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Baumüller presents the newest developments at SPS IPC Drives 2014

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«We always have the bigger picture in mind in all of our further development,» explains Norbert Scholz, Managing Director of Sales at Baumüller, «for us this means that we design our new products for use in networked production processes. This way, we can realize systems that are equipped for additional functions as Industry 4.0 evolves.»

Systems and Engineering 4.0
The system provider and its customers also have the bigger picture in mind with the Engineering Framework ProMaster which is the basis for efficient implementation and integration of all Baumüller systems. With intelligent memory and selection of data, Baumüller simplifies version handling for the mechanical engineers, makes modularization practicable and simplifies web-based visualization and simulation and diagnosis. «Only with continuous and intelligent data handling via modern engineering frameworks can Industry 4.0 and smart production be realized,» explains Markus Jaksch, System Technology Manager at Baumüller. He describes Engineering 4.0 as the complete illustration of the life cycle of a machine in the engineering tool and the consideration of machines and systems for customer-specific products in the engineering process. Flexibility, configurability, adaptability and the integration of technology-based interfaces are decisive factors.
But intelligent solutions are not just in demand on the software side. The Nuremberg automation specialists are also developing intelligent products on the components side that enable efficient machine concepts and flexible constructions.

New cooling variants
Baumüller has expanded its successful DSD2 series of dynamic servo motors by an additional size and thus offers mechanical engineers dynamics in higher performance ranges due an excellent torque-inertial mass ratio and overload option. The DSD2 size 132, like their smaller brothers, the DSD2 100 and 71, are also available in air cooling and water cooling versions and impress with their compact size and high performance density. The DSD2 56 is initially being offered with water cooling and thus creates continuity in the DSD2 series from sizes 56 to 132. This leads to a significant increase in the performance density, creates more flexibility for the mechanical engineers when integrating the drive and fulfills the needs of the machine operators for maximum acceleration capacity with a small structural volume. For the same reasons, the DS2 100-200 will now be equipped with an oil cooling option which can offer economic benefits and offers a certain independence from the water quality.

Flexibility when selecting electronics
Baumüller has also continued to develop the innovative drive series b maXX 3300 and b maXX 5000. Thus, the compact b maXX 3300 servo controller is now available with additional power levels, an optimized overload capacity up to a factor of four and five different performance outputs from 0.75 to 5.0 kW. This offers the mechanical engineers free scalability and optimized acceleration capacity. The modular b maXX 5000 series was also expanded and is now available in performance classes for motor outputs of 1 to 90 kW. With the new version for high outputs, Baumüller offers one of the most compact devices of this performance class on the market.

softdrivePLC up to 125 µs
With regards to visualization, Baumüller will present its new b maXX HMI with touch panel, which is now available in sizes from 4.3 to 15 inches, at the SPS IPC Drives this year and is a future-oriented, user-friendly and compact option for operating the machine.
With the softdrivePLC, mechanical engineers can spare a separate control system, as this control software can be directly integrated into the controller. This way, you can solve all necessary tasks, from simple calculations through to complex projects up to a controller clock pulse of 125 µs directly in the controller without additional hardware.

Baumüller mobile
In the mobile technology field, Baumüller is continuing a success story with the powerMELA up to 40 kW, which the company began with the successful drive concept in two other performance grades. From solutions for the lower performance range through to drives with 140 kW, Baumüller covers a wide range with its products in the field of mobile drive technology. In branches such as shipbuilding, the Nuremberg manufacturer even offers drive solutions up to several 100 kW.

With this comprehensive range of products, the visitors to the Baumüller trade show stand at the SPS IPC Drives 2014 will receive information about numerous innovations in drive and automation technology.



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