Delta Electronics at Hannover Messe 2015

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Delta Electronics, will exhibit a full spectrum of smart solutions for automation and energy management applications during Hannover Messe 2015 from April 13th to 17th.  Delta echoes Hannover Messe´s »Integrated Industry – Join the Network» lead theme for its 2015 by enabling highly integrated intelligent industrial automation, visualization and control technologies (SCARA, iPEMSTM, machinery automation), smart energy storage and management systems (BESS, Delta Energy Online) and energy-efficient infrastructure for datacenters (InfraSuite, large-power UPS).Delta´s highlights at Hannover Messe 2015 will be:

Industrial Automation Solutions for industrial facilities and processes that aim to achieve high levels of integration, productivity and energy efficiency.  These include: Production automation for beverage lines and food packaging; machinery automation for injection molding equipment and gantry, energy regeneration systems for cranes and elevators.Visitors will experience live demos of Delta´s new SCARA DRS40L Series solution, a robot arm system that improves daily productivity by up to 3 times in several industrial processes such as insertion, screw locking, assembly, coating, soldering, transporting and packaging for consumer electronics, rubber, plastic packaging processes (available in Taiwan/China in 2015).

Intelligent Monitoring and Management System iPEMSTM is a revolutionary, highly adaptable and customizable total solution that integrates IoT technology with Delta´s DVCS advanced vision control system. iPEMSTM enables monitoring of more than 10 million supervision points in real-time, ultra high-resolution visualization with intuitive SCADA graphics and with big data mining and analysis capabilities. These features have, for example, become a valuable support for effective decision-making processes within the industrial operations of a major oil & gas firm, thus helping realize significant improvements in both operational and energy efficiency.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is an innovative, smart, modular and flexible solution complementary with renewable energy systems in smart grid installations for an effective optimization of building energy balances. Delta will show the BESS at Hannover Messe 2015 integrated with renewable (photovoltaic) systems, electric vehicle chargers and energy-efficient street lighting. The BESS leverages several energy-saving technologies developed by Delta.

Delta Energy Online is an enterprise-grade energy management solution to fulfill the needs of the extendable energy supervisory architectures. Its comprehensive capabilities in providing real-time and historical energy consumption data, effective diagnosis and smart control of energy usage help to achieve energy saving targets.    InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions is an optimal option for IT managers that strive to implement »green data centers» through significant improvements in energy consumption and in operational efficiency. InfraSuite includes the newly-launched air-cooled type RowCool 35kW, the high-temp chilled water RowCool with cooling capacity up to 60kW to optimize the investment with a single cooling unit, and the DCIM (Datacenter Infrastructure Management) for comprehensive monitoring and management of data centers.

New 3-phase large-power 500kVA Ultron DPS Series UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with 96% AC-AC efficiency, suitable for mission critical applications such as telecommunications, manufacturing and data centers.    Innovative Telecom Power Systems: Delta will exhibit the super-silent Hybrid Power system for which secures reliable and uninterrupted power supply even in remote and rural areas with unreliable or unavailable power grid, significantly lowers OPEX, optimizes the use of energy and significantly lowers CO2 emissions.

The Small Cell telecom power supply unit is specifically designed for supporting smaller 4G-network radio cells. It offers excellent power density, silent operation and a modern design, seamlessly fitting in the metropolitan and residential environments.

Our exhibited telecom rectifiers are equipped with cutting edge technology, allowing more than 97% efficiency and outstanding power density. They serve for up to 7% lower site energy consumption, delivering significant OPEX savings.

Delta´s stand at Hannover Messe 2015: A49, Hall 11.


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