Sigmatek Software

Machine Manager: Data Flow Redefined

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With Industry 4.0 in sight, SIGMATEK favors modular, decentralized automation solutions. Small mechatronic units with their own processing intelligence are networked with one another in a flexible complete system. The system configuration can therewith be customer-specifically assembled and expanded at any time with optional function units, such as a handling robot.

To perfectly reproduce this intelligent modularity in the software, a new tool is available in the object-oriented design environment LASAL: the Machine Manager. It enables the clearly organized display of individual software projects in a machine or system and regulates the communication of distributed intelligences in multi-CPU applications. Projects, which provide data are connected to the projects that should or can use the respective data. Data exchange with external system components and higher-level software can also be implemented with the help of the LASAL Machine Manager. This reduces the work for initial start-up, handling and maintenance, as well as simplifies the implementation of adaptive production strategies.


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