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WITTENSTEIN at Hanover Messe 2016: “mechatronic drive technology – fast forward”

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Riding the tailwind of last year’s HERMES AWARD, WITTENSTEIN is currently gearing up for the Hannover Messe 2016 under the motto “mechatronic drive technology – fast forward”. cymex® 5, the completely revised sizing software, will be among the highlights at the booth in Hall 15, Stand F08. It combines individual ease of use with the very highest levels of design reliability and saves the operator up to sixty percent of the time normally required to configure drive axes.

The iTAS, the first fully scalable and modular toolkit for automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems, with a simco® drive providing integral web server connectivity – in other words, Industry 4.0 functionality – will be another new product on display. A holistic view will be taken of electromobility: WITTENSTEIN will present itself as a competent partner – from research and development through prototype construction to the run-up to series production and the first small series.

A new series of high performance motors up to 6.8 kW for drive scenarios in confined spaces, size 32 and 40 innovative brushless DC motors in the cyber dynamic line with miniaturized, battery-free and gearless multiturn functionality, a linear actuator with sensorless precision positioning, premo – the fully scalable servo actuator platform featuring the very latest encoder technology such as DRIVE-CLiQ, EnDat2.2 or, in the version with single-cable technology, HIPERFACE DSL® – and another application for the Galaxie® Drive System – the winner of last year’s HERMES AWARD – will round off WITTENSTEIN’s innovation showcase at the upcoming Hannover Messe.

Drive design with cymex® 5: Individual, intelligent, international
WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH will take advantage of the Hannover Messe 2016 to introduce cymex® 5, the new, multifunctional software that enables bespoke drive trains to be designed reliably, economically and energy efficiently. The software features an intuitive, customizable user interface, allowing any number of alternative designs to be elaborated simultaneously. cymex® 5 has access to around 14,000 motor versions from more than 50 different manufacturers for this purpose as well as more than 8000 WITTENSTEIN alpha gearhead variants and 200 combinations of WITTENSTEIN linear systems. It provides an intelligent and extremely reliable way to design drives that are optimized for specific loads and motions with information, warnings and error messages if individual components are overloaded, for example. cymex® 5 also identifies downsizing potential, e.g. if a smaller sized motor / gearhead unit can be used instead without compromising performance. Undersized drives can be adapted with the help of the software’s recommendations. Finally, cymex® 5 is unmistakably international and can be used in any of eleven European and Asian languages. The calculation documentation and product data sheets reflect this impressive linguistic diversity.

Industry 4.0 goes mobile with the iTAS modular toolkit for AGV systems
Modular drive technology based on a toolkit as a complete, integration-friendly and optimally aligned system from a single supplier – this is the concept underlying WITTENSTEIN motion control’s iTAS servo drive system. The “i” stands first of all for “interactive”: the web server on board the iTAS servo drive, which belongs to the simco® drive series, enables online, platform-independent communication with the servo amplifier, for example in order to check the operating parameters or important driving and status information of automated guided vehicle systems. Thanks to this Industry 4.0 connectivity, both the iTAS and the AGV are optimally – and very efficiently – available. The “i” also denotes the ability to design intelligent plug & play drive concepts even when space is limited, because the motor / gearhead units and the servo drives can be configured to obtain made-to-measure iTAS drive solutions. This scalability is enhanced with various bespoke, application-specific, feature options: the “compact”, “advanced” and “performance” packages permit efficient upgrading to the required functionality. iTAS – the holistic, modular toolkit for use in autonomous vehicles, mobile platforms and electrically powered industrial trucks.

Electromobility expertly accomplished – with WITTENSTEIN
The BMW C evolution electric scooter is just one example: WITTENSTEIN has the know-how it takes to design compact and reliable drive systems offering maximum possible efficiency. Its integrated drive units comprised of the traction motor, drive controller and gearhead provide excellent acceleration and maximum vehicle ranges as well as being totally emission-free. Apart from the electric traction drive, the WITTENSTEIN technology for electrified turbochargers improves the responsiveness of internal combustion engines several times over. At the same time, WITTENSTEIN has demonstrated its ability to manufacture commercially viable electric drive systems for small batches too. The Group’s position as a competent “doer” in the electromobility market – from research project partner to supplier of small batches – is further underlined as a result.


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