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Selection and sizing tool LinSelect from Rexroth at Motek

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The new selection and sizing tool LinSelect from Rexroth intuitively leads users through the selection and sizing process for linear axes and actuators.

New selection and sizing tool LinSelect for linear axes and actuators from Rexroth: intuitive, intelligent and interactive

With the new selection and sizing tool LinSelect from Rexroth, design engineers can quickly and easily find the linear axes and actuators optimally suited to their applications. At Motek, Bosch Rexroth will present the first version of the software tool. It leads users through the diverse range of around 100,000 possible product variants in just five steps. Beyond comprehensive mechanical considerations, the size selection also comprises suitable motors and drive controllers from Rexroth.

LinSelect is designed for day-to-day work in design and takes the typical work processes for machine manufacturers, plant engineers and system integrators as a starting point. The software tool can be downloaded for free from the website . Following a one-off registration, users have full access to the comprehensive range of linear axes and electromechanical actuators, as well as the matching motors and drive controllers.

Intuitive operator guidance in 5 steps
In the first step, the user selects whether they require a linear axis or an actuator. Next, they define design features such as the mounting location and installation space available. They then enter the process parameters and supplement them with the conditions of use and desired running performance. LinSelect then displays the best technical solution for the application as a result. The software offers context-oriented direct help and dialog windows for all selections. Through the intuitive user guidance, LinSelect also guides inexperienced users through the sizing process, without the need for laborious training and familiarization.

Intelligent product filter with know-how
As well as the pure calculation of mathematical parameters, intelligent algorithms have been integrated in the sizing tool including comprehensive application-specific know-how of linear motion systems from the Rexroth specialists. Current product data and new functionalities are made available to the user through the continuous further development and automatic update service.

Interactive right through to the order
The new sizing tool completes the tool chain for the integrated digital engineering process. The user can call up projects previously entered at any time and recalculate them with new data. This reflects the typical design process of specifying the requirements for individual axes and actuators ever more precisely as the project progresses.

The user can transfer the product variants calculated by LinSelect into the downstream online configurator with a mouse click, so that further option specifications, such as switches, can be made. Finally, Rexroth makes the CAD model available in the common formats. Furthermore, all files for the eShop, Rexroth’s online order platform, are available, which the users can access and place an order with a click. In addition, users can share the selected linear motion systems or entire projects with colleagues, suppliers or customers. The tool supports the trend towards integrated working.


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