Baumüller automation at SPS IPC Drives 2016

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Baumüller, the automation expert from Nuremberg, is presenting new components and intelligent service offers at SPS IPC Drives in hall 1 at booth 560 from November 22 to 24, 2016. Baumüller will show trade fair visitors how production processes can be further optimized by means of intelligent automation and system solutions. This applies to the entire lifecycle of the machines and systems.

Production 4.0

A highlight at the exhibition booth is a collaborative complete system that consists of a robot and a handling unit. Both modules are equipped with a complete system from Baumüller – from the control unit to the drive. Baumüller is using this to show how machine modules can be optimally automated for their application and combined easily into complete machines and systems. They can also be integrated into new or existing systems.

In addition to a rapid time to market, the machine manufacturer benefits from the realization of control software that is independent of the hardware. This enables free scaling for the machine manufacturer, with just one contact person from the drive component to the user-friendly visualization. It ensures the optimal adjustment of the overall system to the customer’s needs.

With its solutions for Industry 4.0 and an enormous variety of interfaces, Baumüller enables the flexible and simple networking of the automated machines and machine modules with other system parts as well as with external systems and platforms.

Service 4.0

To maximize the availability of the machines and systems, Baumüller offers a suitable remote maintenance solution for all types of electric drive systems. Service incidents and downtimes can be greatly reduced by means of condition monitoring and preventive maintenance with external sensors or solutions that are integrated into the devices. As a new product in this area, Baumüller introduces the service system BAUDIS IoT, which increases the availability of machines and systems while also showing potentials for improvement. This way it offers calculable added value to the machine manufacturer and machine operator in the form of efficiency increases.

Trade fair visitors can get more detailed information on the topic of remote maintenance at the Baumüller lecture on the topic “Industrial Security and Remote Maintenance” on 11/24/2016 at 10 a.m. at the Automation Meets IT forum in hall 3A, booth 530.

New arrivals from the innovation forge

Another highlight at the Baumüller booth – besides systems and Industry 4.0 – consists of new and advanced developments in the areas of hardware and software.
An absolutely new offer at the SPS IPC Drives 2016 is the servo motor series DSH, which, as a derivative of the compact servo motor series DSC, impresses with an extremely low detent torque. In combination with the Baumüller drive technology, the DSH is suitable for applications that require very high precision and optimal control accuracy.
Upgrades in terms of performance and rotational speed in the servo motors DS2 and the high-torque series DST2 will be introduced in the motor portfolio. With this broad motor portfolio, Baumüller services different industries with more than just a few all-purpose drives – it has exactly the right drive ready for each requirement.

A large challenge for drive technology consists in current peaks, or the top performances, e.g. in press applications up to 2500 t, that occur during the peaks. This requires enormous maximum moments to create the necessary performance and maintain it when needed. In addition to the required nominal moments, the drive technology is therefore designed particularly on the basis of the peak moment. To enable the technical and economic diversification of the drive task, Baumüller’s product range features motors with multiple windings that can operate several inverters through parallel connections.

There are also new arrivals in the areas of control and drive technology. One of these is the new multi-axis controller b maXX 5800 with up to six freely scalable integrated axes. This system from the proven b maXX series thus offers a very compact and economic approach to multi-axis applications. Another is the new HMI series with an integrated software package and the high-performance box PCs. The two products are expanding the control and visualization offer at Baumüller.

The booth will also feature software experts who will introduce the advantages of Baumüller’s technology component systems with examples such as servo presses and servo pumps. With the pre-programmed software libraries that can be encapsulated specifically for the customers, machine manufacturers and operators profit from a short time to market, fast activation and high protection against errors.

Lifecycle management 4.0 worldwide

An interesting offer for machine operators at the trade fair is the opportunity for a consultation by service experts from the Baumüller subsidiaries Nürmont and the Baumüller repair facility on such topics as repair, maintenance, relocation and installation in the machine lifecycle. With over 40 branches worldwide, Baumüller is a globally reliable service partner with decades of local worldwide experience.



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