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We automate Safely Pilz at the Hannover Messe 2017

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Under the motto «We automate. Safely.» Pilz will be presenting industry solutions, product innovations and services for complete automation solutions at the Hannover Messe from 24 to 28 April 2017. This year’s stand focuses on innovative new products for human-robot collaboration (HRC), sensor technology and the intelligent factory.

Control and drive technology, plus the corresponding diagnostic and visualisation systems and associated software will also be on the stand.

Complete solutions for safe robot applications

Genuine HRC has no need for guards between human and robot. On its stand Pilz will be demonstrating how to implement this safely, using as an example an HRC application that is safeguarded in accordance with the principle of power and force limitation and is fitted entirely with products from the Pilz portfolio.

Two new products for safe HRC will be used here. With the innovative force and pressure measurement system PROBms Pilz provides a complete package for validating HRC applications. The set contains a collision measurement device in accordance with ISO/TS 15066. The force and pressure measurement system is available internationally to rent. The productivity and reliability of HRC applications can be increased thanks to precision measurement at all times.

The new safety laser scanner PSENscan also supports those using robot applications: people can easily stay undetected in such applications, particularly in danger zones where there is poor visibility. In contrast to the protection provided by light grids, PSENscan permanently monitors the entire danger zone. So a restart is prevented if there is anyone within the danger zone. This ensures increased productivity and improved ergonomics for your plant, while at the same time increasing safety.

Safety for Industrie 4.0

With modular, distributed plant and machinery, networking of the application is essential. The model of a smart factory shows how individualised products can be manufactured in a way that is flexible, cost efficient and user friendly. The model is composed of three modules in a network, manufacturing personalised products in an intelligent assembly line. All the components are from Pilz, from the sensor and drive through to the controller. Plus there’s a new product: the electrically activated E-STOP pushbutton PITestop active.

It indicates by illumination whether or not it is active. It can be used to safely activate or deactivate machine and plant sections as required, in accordance with ISO 13850. As a result, flexible safety concepts such as those required by the smart factory are simple to implement. So PITestop active helps to enable greater flexibility and greater modularisation, totally in the spirit of Industrie 4.0.

Also in Hannover: the new open source industrial PC Industrial PI for digital automation. The «convertible» industrial PC is based on the Raspberry Pi and helps companies to develop a smart factory. The new industrial PC from Pilz can be used in numerous application areas thanks to the freely available software.
As an IIoT Gateway, the Industrial PI collects data in the immediate vicinity of plant and machinery, evaluates it and processes it. So the new industrial PC from Pilz connects the Internet of Things from an industrial environment to cloud services. As such it represents an optimum solution for Industrie 4.0.

Visualisation solution that connects

The area of operating and monitoring has also been expanded: At the Hannover Messe Pilz will be introducing the new Version 1.4 of the web-based visualisation solution PASvisu: this has an OPC UA interface, enabling connection to the small controllers PNOZmulti and other control systems.

Controller and visualisation software are linked as a result and all information is taken from the controller. This provides benefits from engineering and runtime through to maintenance: automation projects can be implemented more quickly because there is no need to enter and assign variables manually.



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