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CNC system MTX with new hardware

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Thanks to increased computing power in the control hardware, the CNC system MTX from Bosch Rexroth achieves even shorter cycle times and better machining quality. With the new XM42 embedded controller, systems with an extremely large number of axes and stations can now be efficiently automated with just one central controller.

This simplifies project planning and reduces costs and complexity. With the elimination of communication in multi-control solutions, performance increases even further. The CNC system MTX uses open standards and protocols throughout and, with its Open Core Interface, offers machine manufacturers the opportunity to implement their know-how independently and securely.

With an interpolation cycle of 250 µs, the MTX from Rexroth sets standards for CNC machining. The cores of the multi-core processor, assigned to the respective tasks, process the CNC, PLC and communication tasks independently of each other. Even under the full load of one task, the computing capacities of the other cores are available without restriction for high-speed processing without any negative interaction.

Due to the high computing power of the XM42 controller, machine manufacturers can, for example, control a large number of axes in rotary transfer machines with only one control hardware or significantly reduce cycle times in standard applications such as free-form surface machining. Real-time communication between drives and controller is handled by the Sercos automation bus. The fast S20 I/O system from Rexroth shortens response times and additionally increases control quality for process data.

The open CNC system solution allows machine manufacturers to extend the functionalities of the controller independently with high-level language programming using Open Core Interface technology.

A number of manufacturers utilize this to protect their process know-how for laser, plasma and waterjet cutting. With the integrated OPC UA server, the CNC solution MTX also fits into future-proof network environments and exchanges information with other machines and higher-level systems.

Bosch Rexroth offers finely scaled MTX variants for CNC machining in terms of performance and function, from a compact solution for standard machines to the powerful versions for complex and very fast machines. All versions and generations are based on the same software core and use Rexroth IndraWorks as a central project planning and commissioning tool. This enables manufacturers to automate entire families of machine tools to suit their applications with minimal engineering effort.


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