Multi-talent with embedded technology

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With the C6 S14 series, KEB is now adding to its portfolio of embedded devices to include an all-new version.

The new, all-in-one automation solution combines visualisation, application automation and remote maintenance in a single piece of hardware complete with scalable, differentiated runtime properties. The new COMBICONTROL C6 S14 series featuring real-time capabilities are genuine all-rounders, opening up new possibilities for cost-effective automation while still offering the same performance as existing IPC series.

The functional features of the C6 S14 can be found in the BASIC, PRO and ADVANCED Control Runtime variants. These include the classic PLC and motion control right through to the integrated COMBIVIS connect remote maintenance solution, which facilitates reliable and convenient monitoring of machines and systems from a remote location.

The high-quality graphics on the visualisation surface are displayed on an LED-backlit TFT LCD screen in formats ranging from 7–15.6”. This can be operated via resistive or capacitive touchscreen technology. The integrated micro-UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is yet another impressive feature of the fanless C6 S14 series, as it serves as a reliable backup for archiving residual data.

The processor performance is optimised for synchronous motion control as well as for rapid signal switching and recording. What’s more, the technology of the 1 GHz dual-core ARM processor allows applications to be distributed reliably to its two cores. Due to very low system losses, it works fan-less at no noise.


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