Eck­el­mann Metal Vision Sensor

Eckelmann presents at the EuroBLECH an innovative image processing

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Eckelmann presents at the EuroBLECH 2018 among other things an innovative image processing solution for the digitization of part shapes – with high precision and in full size. It is an optional extension for the Eckelmann CNC cutting application that is fully integrated into the user interface of the machine. A ruggedized camera on the machining head scans the contour of the template. The scan data are automatically vectorized and can easily be imported as DXF files into the CAD/CAM nesting software or used as G code for NC programs on the machine. Of course, the digitized templates can be archived in the operator terminal.

The scanner is conveniently calibrated using a DataMatrix code. «In the future, the system will also support a height calibration to compensate for a possible machine bed tilt,» says machine vision expert Arno Dewald: «This is especially interesting when large-area contour templates are to be scanned with high accuracy.»

Typical application examples for this function of the E°SEE package are the digitization of part shapes to provide spare parts, e.g. for broken excavator buckets or the digitization of existing technical drawings and templates. By seamlessly integrating the vision system into the CNC automation system, the solution fits perfectly into workflow-integrated job planning on the machine.

The scanner solution for gantry cutting machines can be experienced live in action at the Eckelmann booth, E°SIM Cut, the virtual 3D-simulator for cutting machines makes it possible.


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