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5 CNC & Motion Solutions by ESA Automation for Industrial Machines

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ESA Automation offers multiple CNC & Motion solutions for machining different materials. We develop “turnkey” software that are customized according to our customers’ needs, so as to increase the efficiency and productivity of their systems. In this article we want to present five of these solutions.

1. CNC solution for cables and wires working machines

Our development team has created a powerful software to manage 4 axis machines for electrical cables processing with a motorized blades group or a pneumatic controlled one. The ESA Automation solution is able to manage a large database of raw cables and wires, thus making it easier to assign a wiring working order with different kinds of wires and cables. Furthermore, the application supports all the most common inkjet fast printers, hot marking machines and all other accessories. Remotely upgradeable, ESA Automation CNC software stands out for its user-friendliness, allowing to program and configure any order list very quickly.

2. CNC solution for metal working machines

For tube banding machines ESA Automation has developed a complete and easy-to-use software solution. In fact, being based on macro user-friendly programming cycles, this application is so intuitive that it can be controlled even by non-expert operators.

3. CNC solution for windows profiles and sections

Each customer has different needs, but thanks to ESA Automation CNC & Motion solutions it’s not a problem. Just look at the versatility of our programming tool for working profiles and windows. The operator is free to choose to work with a macro generated by a DXF drawing, or simply connecting it to an external CAD CAM, through post processors developed by our Application Engineering department. An optional 3D simulation is also available, allowing to recreate the programmed machining, the productivity of the machine and the kinematic behavior of all mechanical groups.

4. CNC solution for working sheet

An ad hoc software solution for water, laser and plasma cutting machines. Up to 4 axes with integrated standard or gantry axis management, it is suitable for all Cartesian robots for metal sheet cutting and engraving. The application is equipped with a modern and complete ISO interface (G CODE), easily adaptable to all CAD CAM thanks to the postprocessor making service by the ESA Automation Application Engineering division. In addition, it can be integrated with scalable tools for direct import of DXF files and creation of macros for automatic ISO code generation.

5. CNC solution for wood working

For years, ESA Automation has been collaborating with the leading manufacturers of traditional woodworking machines in order to produce complete and customized solutions. We offer a complete range of software including: management of templates with automatic cutting calculation, tool database with automatic recognition, radio connection, etc. And you can always count on the best price/performance ratio.


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