Robotic Stäubli

Meet Stäubli robot at this year’s EHEDG World Congress

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Stäubli is an expert on the stringent hygiene standards required within the food and beverage industry and are proud to be a gold sponsor of this event.

The EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering & Design is the flagship event for EHEDG, taking place every two years at different locations across Europe. The event is a summit for all target groups concerned with the hygienic engineering, installation and integration of equipment and facilities for the production and processing of safe food and related products.

The EHEDG guidelines and the high expectations of the food industry with regard to hygienic design have led to a real leap forward in robotics development. In order to exclude the human factor as a source of error during system cleaning, further developments are going in the direction of self-cleaning systems.

This is something that Stäubli’s HE range have already achieved, being ideally suited for use in humid and liquid environments made possible by the specially treated, corrosion-resistant aluminium housing.


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