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TWK with CANopen sensors at the SPS fair

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As highlights, the manufacturer of sensor systems with functional safety for applications in sensitive danger zones presents two rotary encoders and one inclinometer.

The TRK38/S3 rotary encoder is a contactless, wear-free, magnetic sensor system which is available as an ultra-compact version with reduced EMC measures and offers both high vibration and shock resistance. It outputs a safe position and speed with a resolution of up to 16 384 steps/360°, is programmable via Ethercat and certified according to SIL2/IEC 61508 or PLd ISO 1384. The product comes in a seawater-resistant aluminum or stainless steel housing and provides electrical connection via M12 connector or cable outlet. In the model series TRK absolute encoders, the Ethercat interface is integrated according to IEC 61158-2 to 6 and encoder profile CiA 406. The use of the CANopen over Ethercat message and the CANopen encoder profile enable parameter and diagnostic data handling as familiar from CANopen. These are contained in an object directory under the same indices as in CANopen. To achieve the SIL2 level, the TRK/S3 contains a redundant sensor system and additional internal monitoring mechanisms.

The second rotary encoder, the TRN42/S4 comes with a design for harsh applications and is available as a miniature version with a flange diameter of 42 mm and a CANopen Safety SIL2 interface. A choice of single- or multi-turn versions is available. With a measuring range of up to 16 384 steps/360°, the sensor offers 14-bit position data and speed signals and is available in various systems of protection up to IP69K. The position and speed values (PDO – process data object) are output via the CANopen protocol CiA 402.

The NBT/S3 inclinometer is SIL2/IEC 61508-certified and is optionally available with one or two measurement axes. In addition to a selectable measuring range from ± 5° to ± 90°, the sensor also offers a pre-set function and is available in a aluminum or stainless steel housing with systems of protection up to IP69K. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t feature CAN or CANopen.

At the SPS 2019 from November 26 to November 28, the company gives a personal demonstration of the SIL2-certified NBN/S3 inclinometer for registering inclination in the gravitational field by means of Mems sensors with subsequent digitalization and linearization through controllers. With the TWK trade fair app, users can also individually configure and request products directly on site in Nuremberg. The company also presents further products from the categories: rotary encoders, inclinometers, vibration sensors, linear transducers and scanners, switching cam encoders as well as draw-wire sensors.


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