Automation Solutions from WAGO at SPS 2019

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Why are our new I/O-Systems Advanced and Field ready for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)? We at WAGO are convinced that the new communication standard offers unbeatable advantages. Not only does TSN markedly increase the performance of your industrial network; it also provides the basis for direct communication from the field level with each device on other levels without needing to access gateways as before, or to completely revamp the communication technologies. Fast, real-time capable, standardized, connected from end to end – all this, from TSN.

WAGO I/O System Advanced

“With the WAGO I/O System Advanced, our brand new automation solution “made for TSN,” you raise your industrial automation to the next level. As a gateway to the universal WAGO 750 Series I/O System, it combines the proven benefits and functionality of the 750 Series with outstanding performance, an ergonomic design and error-preventing mechanics. With the fast new IP20 I/O-System, WAGO gives a face to future topics like OPC UA and TSN – and gives you the ability to set new standards with your industrial automation.”

WAGO I/O System Field

“Modular production facilities require automation solutions that ensure the highest level of connectivity and also provide maximum performance outside the control cabinet. The new WAGO I/O System Field with IP67 protection offers the perfect solution for cabinet-free automation. It combines speed with ETHERNET-based fieldbuses (e.g., PROFINET), technologies such as OPC UA and, in the future, MQTT for machine-to-machine communication in the cloud. I/O System Field is also ready for TSN. Do you want your modular approach to fly? Our new IP67 system will help launch your ideas.


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