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CODESYS PLC as Profinet IRT device

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With the new, certified Profinet IRT interface and the variety of modules available, the compact PLC is an easy way to integrate CODESYS programmed units, machine parts or even entire machines into existing or new PROFINET systems.

The modularly expandable Kuhnke FIO controller from Kendrion is used as a decentralized CODESYS PLC in Profinet networks. Here it acts with the FIO Drive stepper motor controls, preferably as programmed drive control.

The stepper motors can be controlled in the open as well as in the closed loop process, so to speak, like servo motors. As a safety controller with the FIO Safety PLC and the FIO Safety EAs, it also generates a bridge to Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) drives. In addition to Profinet, the high-performance PLC also provides OPC UA, Modbus TCP / RTU, CANopen and other interfaces, making it ideal for use as a programmable gateway or data collector.

The 2 Port Profinet Device interface is easy to use. It consists of a 256-byte memory area that can be used universally in both directions like a freely configurable coupling RAM. Thanks to the functions integrated in CODESYS, only one software tool is required in addition to the PLC programming for the SoftMotion application or safety programming. Even the visualization can be realized with the help of CODESYS HMI displays or web terminals with little effort


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