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Omron HD-1500 mobile robot with 1500kg payload capacity

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The HD-1500 is the strongest and newest addition to our series of mobile robots, boasting a heavy payload capacity of up to 1500kg. It is ideal for today’s factories, where autonomous material handling solutions need to manage more demanding industrial automation tasks, along with implementing new social distancing requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 1500kg payload capacity of the HD-1500 enables transportation of large automotive components such as car chassis and voluminous pallet size payloads – items that would have traditionally been moved using forklifts. With the release of the HD-1500, OMRON’s mobile robots, including the LD-60/90 and LD-250, form a seamless lineup of models that can transport a wide variety of items – from components to WIP (work in progress), finished products, and heavy material.

Ensuring efficient material handling in factories, our industry-first Fleet Manager can control up to 100 mobile robots with different sizes, configurations and payload capacities under one system to automate complex material transport and logistics applications. The robots can automatically calculate the best route, while collaborating safely with people and navigating around obstacles, without the use of magnetic floor tapes nor other guides. The HD-1500 battery charges in just 36 minutes and can handle a full shift on a full load, reducing downtime.

“Onsite logistics, the movement of products and material within the factory and warehouse, is becoming a real bottleneck for many companies due to the frequency and tediousness of the job, compounded by the need to meet social distancing protocols. Fast-paced manufacturing environments require speed and flexibility. OMRON’s HD-1500 mobile robot can help companies solve this issue because it can work 24 hours a day tirelessly, punctually, and safely side-by-side with people.» said Tom Mathias, President, and CEO of OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies, Inc.

Highlights of the HD-1500 include:
Higher Payload and Sturdier Structure: The HD-1500 can move pallet size payloads in manufacturing facilities and reduces the need for a forklift. Built with sturdy metal skins, the HD-1500 is robust and able to withstand heavy unintended external impacts.

Faster ROI: The HD-1500 offers a solution to automate complex and dangerous tasks. Organizations can reduce the use of forklifts and safely transport large pallets containing finished goods, voluminous materials in the food and commodities industry, and automotive frames. Workers can now focus their attention on more vital tasks; allowing customers to load more, making fewer trips with heavier batches, and increasing ROI. With the HD-1500, customers can do more with less equipment.

Customizable fleet: Mobile fleets can become more diverse, but still controlled through the same system. OMRON’s Fleet Manager allows a diverse mobile fleet of up to 100 mobile robots, including the HD-1500, to be controlled with the same system while achieving high performance. Thanks to optimized traffic management, battery management, and routing of vehicles, customers can add the HD-1500 to their fleets without worrying about safety, compatibility, or performance.

Additional features include:
Battery charges in 36 minutes to realize greater efficiency and less downtime.
360° safety scanning lasers used for simultaneous localization and safety functionality.
Superior navigation using adaptive safety zones from LiDAR technology.
Improved CAPS technology allows for better accuracy and repeatability for docking.
With the Fleet Simulator feature you can also simulate up to 10 robots, in up to three separate fleets.


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