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Digital Signage Monitor ESA for Industrial Automation

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Digital signage uses IoT, information technology and smart devices (such as monitors) to make production more efficient and to automate communication within the plant. From displaying alarms to prevent malfunctions to product recognition, this innovative technology has enormous potential in Industry 4.0.

In this article, we present ESA digital signage solutions for industrial automation and their advantages for the smart factory.

ESA Lumia and digital signage: information is everything

Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies such as LCDs, LEDs, projections and e-papers to digitally display data, images, videos, web pages, restaurant menus or text.

This technology also has various uses in industrial automation. In particular, it’s the ideal solution to continuously collect and exchange production data on industrial monitors connected to the corporate network. This ranges from information regarding specific groups (employees, suppliers, etc.) to the data of a specific production.

This is the case of ESA’s LUMIA355 and LUMIA365 digital signage monitors. Through these devices it is possible to show, when necessary, the production data of a line and the relative product quality indicators in real time. Furthermore, digital signage in industrial automation can help keep operators informed about essential guidelines regarding production. For example, in delicate situations like these past months to update operators on the best practices for containing COVID-19.

What if operators needed to view multiple information at the same time? The display of Lumia digital signage monitor can be divided into four separate parts, each showing different data. This feature not only allows greater control over production, but makes the whole system more dynamic, efficient and safe.

Here’s the main features of ESA digital signage monitors LUMIA355 and LUMIA365:

  • Android 7.1, RK3288 Quad core processor
  • 4K HD industrial LED display
  • Wifi/RJ45/RS232/USB/GPIO/IR ports
  • True flat front tempered glass front
  • IP55 aluminum front and steel back
  • Capacitive touch screen or without touch screen
  • Multi Video input
  • Native and web apps supported
  • Quad viewer, up to 4 source signals on one screen
  • Media player integrated
  • HTML5 browser integrated, Play and Control online content
  • VESA (400mm) and wall fix

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