Metal Robotic Yaskawa

MOTOMAN Weld4Me solution

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As a leading robot manufacturer for automated welding, Yaskawa offers metalworking companies a simple solution for an easy entry into the world of robotics: the new MOTOMAN Weld4Me solution. The combination of a collaborative robot and a simple user interface provides consistent simplicity to the user, without foregoing essential welding features from over 40 years of welding experience.

With manual guidance, the MOTOMAN HC10DT IP67 collaborative robot can easily be moved to new welding positions and be programmed on the simplified “Welding Wizard” user interface. After the program has been created, the robot path can be checked again in a dry run, before the robot starts its welding operations. The teach-in procedure in complex programming environments is no longer necessary, allowing more time for the welding process itself.

Particularly with small batch sizes and high product diversity, this solution offers significant advantages, as retooling work is limited to new parts. The collaborative robot is suitable for MIG/MAG welding, and thanks to protection class IP67 it is shielded against welding spatters in the production process.

The HC10DT IP67 works side-by-side with the operator as a welding colleague utilizing integrated torque sensors. With its small footprint and without the need for a safety guard, it can be directly integrated into existing production facilities. For your individual application, the Yaskawa solution can be assembled with the appropriate welding packages from Fronius and other manufacturers and further accessories.


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