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SEW EURODRIVE sets new standard for industrial gear unit delivery times

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Powerful industrial gear units are associated with toughness, customized solutions, torque and – for technical reasons – rather long delivery times. SEW EURODRIVE is now consigning that long wait to the past. The industrial gear units in the ATO5 range leave the plant for their intended place of use just 5 working days after being ordered.

Good news for anyone who is in a hurry. With ATO5, the program for shortened delivery times, SEW-EURODRIVE can now deliver industrial gear units of the X and P series even faster. Gear units without design modifications – i.e. Assemble-To-Order (ATO) – leave the factory just 5 working days after order placement. Helical and bevel-helical gear units of Generation X.e are available up to 45 kNm and planetary gear units of Series P up to 360 kNm as ATO5 products with many options. From March 2021, X.e sizes up to 175 kNm can also be ordered with reduced delivery time. And if a machine should ever fail, SEW-EURODRIVE can send a replacement gear unit after just one working day.

Also starting in March 2021, SEW-EURODRIVE will launch ETO15 (ETO: Engineer-To-Order), a program for gear units with customer-specific adaptations such as special output shafts, etc. In future, these will be ready for shipment within 15 working days – flexibility and operational reliability for all customers in a hurry.

ATO5 is part of the service and customer benefit philosophy at SEW EURODRIVE. Over and above functional product benefits, the company offers its customers a close partnership and continuous support. That applies throughout the life cycle of its products – from start to finish. ATO5 is a further illustration of this.


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