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Electric gripper EHPS from Festo, also with IO-Link

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The electric standard gripper EHPS from Festo is the electric version of the pneumatic standard gripper DHPS. The EHPS can be used wherever pneumatics is not permissible. The concept of the electric standard gripper is based on simplicity and low complexity – all the electronics are integrated in the gripper, which means that an external motor controller is not required.

The gripper EHPS can move small to medium-sized parts, making it ideal for applications in handling and assembly technology as well as in special machine building, the electronics industry, small parts assembly and laboratory automation.

Digital actuation

Digital actuation makes commissioning easy – there’s no need to worry about external controllers. In addition, with its sturdy T-slot jaw guide the EHPS can grip workpieces reliably and with high torque absorption. Direct position sensing with the T-slot on the gripping head indicates whether the gripping motion is correct. Users can precisely adjust the gripping force to delicate workpieces using a latching switch with four settings.

A dynamic and powerful brushless direct current motor provides the compact gripper with high forces. In the event of a power failure, the electric gripper continues to hold the workpiece through the gear unit’s automatic locking function, while the freewheel unit prevents jamming. Actuation via two open/close pins means the gripper only moves when a signal has been sent; uncontrolled movement is prevented.

Diagnostics with IO-Link®

Installation is easy too as the integrated electronics enable a direct connection to the controller via an M12 plug. The EHPS is also available with IO-Link® as an option. The communication interface thus offers diagnostic functions and predictive maintenance options, storable gripping modes to optimise the cylinder times and integrated and virtual (teachable) position indication.


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