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WAGO Lighting Management – Advancing Large-Scale Lighting

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Large rooms, such as production facilities and warehouses, place high demands for lighting that is not only efficient and user-friendly but caters to occupants’ well-being. To address this industry-wide need, WAGO Lighting Management combines predefined hardware components with user-friendly software.

Taking an innovative approach to usability, the system’s standard Web browser provides the flexibility that allows users to fine-tune lighting to any application. On top of this, several new features give users the ability to plan and implement sophisticated lighting solutions with unprecedented ease.

Simple configuration – no programming: Without extensive software experience, WAGO Lighting Management can be adapted to all user requirements, then scaled and commissioned.

WAGO’s intelligent and energy-efficient lighting control solution offers a user-friendly interfaceand supports Human Centric Lighting (HCL), a concept aimed at implementing lighting systems that cater to users’ biological needs. WAGO Lighting Management also supports a large number of DALI sensors from different manufacturers and is compatible with the DALI-2 standard, opening up a whole range of new applications.


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