Banner Engineering Vision Sensor

New VE Smart Camera Equipped with Barcode Identification

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Banner Engineering’s VE Series Smart Camera now comes equipped with barcode identification capabilities, in addition to the original vision functionality. For applications where both vision and identification are required, reduce the number of deployed units by installing a single VE device.

Highest resolution camera, the VE is also available in only-barcode reading models, as well as the original vision camera-only model. This makes our VE series is the highest-resolution barcode reader in Banner portfolio, designed to better solve complex applications.

The new VE Smart Camera is capable of both inspection and barcode identification in a single device. For applications where both are needed, drastically reduce the number of deployed units by installing a VE Smart Camera. The C-mount lens option available with every model further increases the versatility and ease of deployment of this device.

Whether operating as an inspection device, a barcode reader, or both, the VE Smart Camera comes in resolutions up to 5MP, making it the highest-resolution barcode reader in our portfolio. Reliably read codes in a large area, perform inspections from a long distance or on minute components, or manage both with a single high-performing device.

Banner’s free Vision Manager software takes the complexity out of vision and barcode reading applications. It features a graphical user interface and menu-driven tools that guide users through inspection setup and device management. Users of any experience level can easily navigate the intuitive operating environment and get their system up and running within minutes. For Barcode Tool, use the Auto Learn feature to automatically identify and configure the barcodes presented in front of the device.


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