IDEC Introduces HG1P Handheld HMI

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Easy to hold due to its small form factor and light weight—and includes a touchscreen, function keys, and switches—making it a good fit for machine tending and robotics applications.

IDEC Corporation introduces the new 4.3” LCD screen size HG1P handheld human-machine interface (HMI). This lightweight and robust HMI is the right-sized way to enhance operator interactions for automated machine tending and robotics applications, and it is the most cost-effective device of its type.

User-First Design
At only 500g and with contoured hand grips, a hand strap, and a wall hanging bracket, the HG1P’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable for long duration and fatigue-free use by technicians and engineers. The hardy design is tested to withstand 1.5m drops, and it uses a flush mount selector switch to prevent breakage. Competing products in this category are typically heavier, bulkier, and more prone to inadvertent damage.

Visualization and Control
A high resolution 4.3-inch TFT color LCD touch panel displays at 480×272 pixels to provide clear and informative visualization. The touchscreen is bordered with 12 physical momentary function keys (F1 to F12) with click-feedback, which write to internal memory bits within the HMI. In addition, a hardwired emergency stop button, selector switch, and a 3-position enabling switch make this unique handheld HMI flexible for designers and convenient for users.

Users will appreciate the rapid and industry-leading start-up time, which is usually less than three seconds. The usability and feature set of the HG1P combine to help users maximize productivity and minimize downtime while delivering dependable safety in any production environment, for operations such as machine setup, calibration, normal operation, and maintenance.

Easy Configuration
The HG1P is configured with the same WindO/I-NV4 software as other products offered in the IDEC HMI portfolio, which means users will be very familiar with the development environment. A common mini-USB cable or USB-A memory stick can be used to download configurations and save data. Multilingual capability is built-in, and languages can be selected and changed on the fly.

Field Friendly
Connectivity to automation platforms is via a standard 19-pin connector, using optional cables from IDEC up to 7 meters long or user-created cables up to 15 meters long, which are easily replaced if damaged. The cable transmits power, hardwired signals, and digital communications. Available in both serial and Ethernet models, the HG1P supports major industrial communication protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, FTP client, FTP server, webserver, and user communication. In operation, the HG1P consumes only three watts, a category best.

Applications Abound
Designers can use the HG1P handheld HMI anywhere a traditional HMI is used, gaining the additional features of portability and on-board switches. It is well suited for robot teaching applications, machine tending operations, and wherever operators need to move among various locations during the course of their work. The hardwired emergency stop and enabling switch devices are crucial for implementing safety related applications where workers are near operating robots and machinery. The HG1P handheld HMI improves operator efficiency, while minimizing field hardware by eliminating the need for multiple operator interface devices on large machines.


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