ESA Industrial Tablet Rugged

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Industrial tablets are an increasingly popular solution in manufacturing. Depending on the requirements of each industry, these devices come in a variety of versions, with different features and functionality. In particular, industrial rugged tablets are designed to withstand even the most extreme production conditions.

In this article, we explain the advantages of ESA rugged tablets for the industry.

ESA LUMIA 7XX rugged tablet
To meet the needs of even the most difficult industrial sector, ESA has designed the LUMIA 7XX rugged tablet line. These solutions are ideal for both indoor or outdoor environments with difficult conditions.

Thanks to its capacitive multi-touch display, readable in direct sunlight, this Android or Windows 10-based device ensures that data is always available when needed in the field.

Among the main technical features of ESA LUMIA 7XX:

  • Fully rugged IP65 (water-dust resistant), MIL-STD810G (vibration/shock/120 cm drop resistant) Fanless
  • Available with 8, 10, 12, 14 inch screen
  • Glove touch, rain touch, 10 finger and pen touch enabled9 hours operation battery life with 100% charging in less than 5 hours
  • Battery hotswap which enables non-stop working
  • Light weight

Let’s see the main benefits of LUMIA 7xx rugged tablets for industrial use

Superior durability
The first advantage of ESA’s rugged tablet is the most obvious, but also the most crucial. Its sturdiness. This makes it an extremely safe and durable solution. It can fall, get wet, or be exposed to extreme temperatures without suffering damage that would affect its operation.

High mobility
As with any tablet, one of the most interesting aspects of the LUMIA 7xx is its optimal mobility. It is lighter than other devices and easy to carry and handle. This allows operators to move comfortably and without any interruption.

High performance
Resistance and mobility are not the only reasons for choosing ESA’s industrial rugged tablet. LUMIA 7XX also offers very high processing power. This way you have the ability to manage and control the production process efficiently and reliably.


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