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Schmalz has developed a modular, compact gripper for handling dry food products

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Food-safe, lightweight and effective: these are just some of the key features of the new flow gripper SFG from Schmalz. They enable it to handle food products with highly textured surfaces quickly but gently. This ensures cookies, waffles and other baked goods arrive safely in their packaging with speed and reliability

J. Schmalz GmbH has developed a modular, compact gripper for handling dry food products. The suction cup is made from FDA-compliant silicone and is therefore suitable for direct contact with food. Its sealing lip is soft and flexible, allowing the SFG to reliably grip even delicate food products with minimal surface pressure – meaning the uneven surfaces of your chocolate chips or waffle designs can be handled with ease. To meet the high hygiene standards, Schmalz designed the new flow gripper with food-safe materials.

The gripper consists of a basic module with a compressed air connection. This generates the vacuum that the SFG uses to reliably pick up the food products. Connected to it are the exhaust duct, the suction cup and an adapter for mounting on horizontal surfaces, as well as an optional robot flange.

The compact and lightweight design of the gripper allows for highly dynamic processes for sorting your sweet food products onto conveyor belts and covering them with or inserting them into their packaging. If the suction cup has to be changed at any stage, it can be removed quickly with no need for any tools – allowing users to get their systems back into operation again rapidly.


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