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Digital data boosts efficiency in the engineering process

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When it comes to optimizing and designing seamless processes in control cabinet manufacturing, the process steps and interfaces must be considered even before the actual engineering.

Finding, obtaining, preparing, revising, and adapting item data for use in a CAE program eats up valuable resources and increases lead times for many companies that specialize in control cabinet manufacturing. Efficient engineering processes rely on the availability of complete, definitive item data in the data portals for the CAE programs used.

One of the data portals is the Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series users. As an official Zuken partner, Phoenix Contact provides validated, high-quality item data in the Zuken Component Cloud. The item data can be downloaded free of charge and used directly in the E3.series database.

The data is generated live from the supplied eCl@ss data and provides you with all the necessary geometric information, such as the dimensions, slots, markings, and terminal points of the item. Time-consuming manual steps such as creating the component, entering the data, and assigning the terminal points are no longer necessary. The workflow using digital data from the Zuken Component Cloud is around 10x faster than the manual preparation and creation of data and therefore really boosts efficiency in your engineering process.


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