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SEW EURODRIVE has received the Handling Award 2020

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The company’s MOVIKIT® AntiSlosh software module won third place in the «Automation / Drives and Controllers» category. The module reduces vibration during open transportation of liquids in the production chain.

When transporting liquids in open containers, for example in production or during filling, there is a danger of them sloshing and spilling through the cycle mode. This can lead to seal-related problems or soiled containers that generate scrap, thus cutting the operator’s overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). However, if this is compensated for by lower acceleration levels and cycle rates, production volumes suffer.

The MOVIKIT® AntiSlosh software module from SEW EURODRIVE uses intelligent coordination technology to create optimum motion profiles adapted to a liquid’s physical properties. Calculating the ideal cycle time enables production with maximum performance, combined with spillage protection.

Thanks to the clean filling, machine performance is increased by up to 25% with the optimized, intermittent transportation of open liquids and the reduction in rejected products. The spillage protection ensures hygienic transportation of liquids and reduces the cleaning required in the machine environment by up to 20%. The seal quality is enhanced since the seal surfaces always remain clean, which also eliminates recalls due to contamination.

MOVIKIT® AntiSlosh is used in a range of industries, including the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


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