Zuken at SPS Connect

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At this point in time, we would normally be in the middle of preparations for smart production solutions in Nuremberg. The booth builder would submit his designs, we would work on the graphics, plan the accommodation logistics for the employees and prepare many other things for the most important trade fair for the automation industry in Europe. Which makes it a must-attend event for Zuken each year. But as we all know, nothing is “business as usual” this year. Due to the pandemic, the SPS will not take place physically. However, there will be an online-alternative: the SPS Connect.

Starting on the same day, November 24th, the platform promises to be something more than only a virtual trade fair where visitors can view virtual booths and download materials. Rather, the SPS Connect will offer AI-driven matchmaking where the focus will be on connecting exhibitors and visitors, manufacturers, and users.

AI-driven matchmaking
To me, this sounds a bit like a modern dating app. Both exhibitors and visitors fill out their profiles. Then, based on keywords and algorithms, visitors and exhibitors will be matched. Based on interests, both sides can send a contact or appointment request – and just like that, the “dating” or network process is in full swing. The SPS Connect platform also offers an appointment scheduling feature and a video meeting function for up to 4 participants. And of course, there are many virtual booths to browse amidst a diverse programme of lectures and presentations.

Even though I regret that the 2020 trade fair cannot be held live, I see SPS Connect as an opportunity to reach new customers, show presence, and present a maximum range of products. And the good news here is: no need to fly to Nuremberg this year in order to connect with Zuken and learn more about our SPS activities!

The digital twin for cabinet building
Originally, we had planned to present our latest Smart Cabinet Building Initiative at the SPS, which we launched earlier this year in cooperation with our partners Weidmüller, Komax, and Armbruster Engineering. The aim is to produce the control cabinet faster, more flexibly, and more economically, thus identifying optimization potential and offering solutions. The plan was to use an entire application scenario to show how the individual solutions work together seamlessly.

The SPS Connect will now look a little different. Nevertheless, the focus will be on the initiative, with the digital twin for control cabinet construction created in Zuken E3.series.

In detail, we will discuss how the import of connection and parts lists with the E3.WiringDiagramGenerator works. How a switch cabinet is constructed in 3D with E3.panel. How data for drilling and milling machines is generated (E3.NCBridge), and how data for cable assembly (E3.ExportToKomax) is prepared.

In addition, we will also take a close look at the digitally guided switch cabinet assembly (E3.AssemblingCockpit), wiring (E3.WiringCockpit), and final inspection (E3.WiringChecks). And of course, we can’t forget about the library and design data management with DS-E3!


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