B&R Safety

ABB Jokab sensors and B&R safety technology

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ABB Jokab’s proven range of innovative safety sensors can now be used directly with B&R’s integrated safety technology. The ABB portfolio includes a complete set of gate closures, light curtains and safety mats. The broad selection will make it easier than ever to implement safety concepts.

Safety products from ABB Jokab are simply wired to B&R’s safe I/O modules. Both B&R safety technology and the ABB safety portfolio satisfy the requirements of ISO 13849-1 up to PL e / Cat. 4.

Reduced costs
ABB Jokab safety sensors support the wiring of a safety function with multiple different sensors connected in series. This could be used to connect a series of safety gates, for example. This approach reduces cabling and installation costs immensely and thus also reduces the number of safe input channels required. The series connection does not change the maximum safety level of PL e / Cat. 4.

Modern technology
ABB Jokab offers a comprehensive range of safety components that greatly simplify the design of protection and safety systems. The proven range of innovative safety products includes the well-known Eden series of inductive gate switches and Safeball devices for two-hand control.


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